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7 Famous Personalities with Disabilities


Here is a list of the incredible personality who stood up to show that physical disability is just a word.

Frida Kahlo:

A Polio Victim who was one of the greatest artists the world has ever seen. After suffering an accident, she suffered a spinal disorder which made it more difficult for her to lead a healthy life. She suffered from severe pain and was bedridden for almost all the time. Even though due to her ailments, she made a career as an artist. This made her an icon of the late twentieth century.

Stephen Hawking:

Stephen Hawking

An icon and a legend of the twentieth century Stephen Hawking is genuinely on a different league. He was diagnosed with ALS at a very early age, at around 21, which changed his normal life and made him stick to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He was a genius in the domain of Quantum Physics, and his life has revolved around stellar objects for almost all of his life. When we say space, we can relate it to Stephen hawking.

Nic Vujicic:

A social icon of the twentieth century. His success story is one of the most impeccable ones which many people relate to and take it as an inspiration. He is limbless and doesn’t have any arm or legs. He had a very hurtful and an upsetting childhood, which led him to start an organisation called ‘Life Without Limbs’. His entire life has been depicted in the movie ‘The Butterfly Circus’.

Andrea Bocelli:

An Italian Musician who was visually impaired from his childhood became to be the world’s best piano player. He was so passionate about it that even after being visually wholly blind, he pursued his passion for piano. This led him eventually to sing. He even completed Law and has a bachelors law Degree.

Andrea Bocelli:

Michael J Fox:

An actor who was seen to play in the movie ‘Back to the Future’ is an inspiration to many, who are suffering from Parkinson. It is a very deadly disease which often causes the person to forget his/her memory after a duration of time, but not in the case of Michael who has been fighting and recovering from the same. He has an organisation which has collected a total fund of about 300 million dollars to date to treat abandoned Parkinson patients worldwide and provide them with free treatment facilities.

Alex Zanardi:

The most iconic Formula one driver who met with an accident which had his legs amputated for further treatment wasn’t disheartened at this, but took up inspiration and decided to enter Motorsports again and joined BMW Racing Team for the World Touring Car Championship and won 4 World titles for the same. Now he has shifted his passion towards cycling and has a three-wheeled cycle which he uses to participate in the cycling events for championships.

John Nash :

He is a well-known American mathematician known for his works in the field of Economics. He certainly is an inspiration to all. He also has won a Nobel Prize for his works in the field of economics



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